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One Platform, Countless Possibilities

Zolak Showroom

Dynamically showcase products in your website to engage customers interactively in AI-powered 3D virtual rooms.

Transport your customers to pre-designed spaces featuring furniture in various styles, color schemes, and settings. Through a quick snapshot, they can also digitally transform their own rooms, replacing existing furniture and experimenting with new items from your catalog.
Zolak Showroom

Zolak 3D Configurator

Showcase any furniture product from every angle, in any variation.

Customers can easily change colors and preview furniture pieces in various combinations, providing them with a realistic and personalized preview of their potential purchases.
Zolak 3D Configurator

Zolak Studio

Elevate your visual storytelling and captivate your audience with the ability of limitless imagery.

Retailers can effortlessly produce a myriad of images for each furniture piece, eliminating the need for extensive and costly photoshoots. Customers benefit from a comprehensive exploration of products, gaining a 360-degree understanding of each item's design and features.
Zolak Studio

Zolak Makes a Difference

  • Buyer's remorse
  • Limited website interaction
  • Ineffective product presentation
  • Limited product display options
  • Static images
  • Lengthy visual content updates
  • Lower conversion
  • Limited opportunities for upselling
  • Informed decisions
  • Boosted site time and engagement
  • Comprehensive product presentation
  • Continuous visuals variety
  • 360° viewing and virtual showrooms
  • Effortless content refresh
  • Faster buying decisions
  • Upselling complementary items
Zolak Platform benefits

For Furniture Retailers, Manufacturers and Distibutors

360-degree viewing icon


Customization and real-time personalization icon

Customization and
real-time personalization

Sets of products in interactive showrooms icon

Sets of products
in interactive showrooms

AI furniture staging and room design icon

AI furniture staging and
room design

Unlimited 2D visuals from one 3D model icon

Unlimited 2D visuals
from one 3D model

Endless variations from the same product photo icon

Endless variations from
the same product photo

Secure and scalable infrastructure icon

Secure and scalable

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Like to Get Started?

See the 3d furniture visualization software in action and discover how it can generate more sales, by helping customers configure and buy a whole room of furniture.