Involve your customer for more sales
AI based solution for furniture stores, which allows customers to see how products will look in different interiors, including their own.
Why is it important?
That is what consumers are saying
It is difficult to visualize furniture dimensions
Over 60% of consumers find that their expectations regarding dimensions are not met in reality.
I could not match a chair to my sofa
Over 62% of consumers have issues with choosing furniture to match the color tone of their interior
I don't have enough photos to decide
Over 58% of buyers point out insufficient visual content and the issues it entails
Explore a complete analysis of the furniture market сustomers
Furniture market trends
sinсe 2016
The growth rate in the furniture market has beed decreasing
7,4 %
average annual growth rate of new consumers in the eCommerce furniture market
19 150
average annual growth rate of eCommerce furniture market size, millions usd
Explore a complete analysis of the furniture market
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Product functionality
How our product can help you improve your customer experience and sell more
Pre-marked interiors
Consumers can try on the selected model in different interiors, select other objects for it and generally create the interior of the entire room from scratch
AR-session with your products
Using the camera, сustomers can add your products to their interiors
Editing photos of a client's interiors
After taking a photo of his interior, the customer can replace the object with a new one.
For example, replace the sofa with a new one and add a chair
3D model scanner
With our scanner you can easily create 3D models of your products
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We give a profit
How our product increases your sales
Involve customers
By engaging customers in the buying process and providing new opportunities, you increase your average bill
Improve customer experience
By improving the customer experience, you increase your repeated purchase percentage and LTV
Increase conversion rate
Sell more with the same traffic and
increase your ROMI
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